HITEC Power Protection has announced that Will Cisler, the company’s VP of U.S. Engineering, has been selected to address attendees at the Critical Power Show 2016, April 13, 2016 at 11 a.m., in Schaumburg, IL. In addition, HITEC will be showcasing the new PowerPRO Series, the industry’s most efficient UPS option for critical-power loads in Booth #201.

Titled, Protecting your Business Efficiently with Rotary UPS, Cisler’s discussion will provide insight on rotary power applications, as well as highlight ROI and total cost of equipment ownership from real-world case studies. Attendees will gain valuable information on budgeting and calculating rotary UPS system ROI and the key features that make this solution preferable to static UPS technologies.

“Mission-critical facilities continue to evolve operations in many areas and seeking an end to purchasing, housing and disposing of enormous batteries for backup is paramount,” Cisler said. “I look forward to engaging in intelligent conversations with Critical Power Show’s attendees as we discuss new methods to improve operations.”

Attendees are encouraged to visit HITEC’s booth and discover why the new PowerPRO series sets the standard with the industry’s:

  • Lowest total-cost-of-ownership
  • Greatest reliability and uptime
  • Highest available system efficiency
  • Unrivalled monitoring and reporting
  • Rapid and straightforward installation
  • Intuitive control and operation
  • Compact footprint, highest power density
  • A sustainable and battery-free solution

To learn how you can leverage HITEC’s PowerPRO series, visit HITEC’s Booth #201.