SolarWinds has launched SolarWinds® Server Health Monitorfree tool, the latest to join more than 30 free tools from SolarWinds’ comprehensive IT management product family. SolarWinds Server Health Monitor provides IT professionals with detailed visibility into multi-vendor server infrastructure.

SolarWinds Server Health Monitor free tool supports monitoring of up to five server nodes, empowering IT pros to:

  • Monitor critical server hardware components, including metrics on fan speed, temperature, power supply, CPU, battery and more
  • Quickly identify server hardware issues impacting server and application performance
  • Monitor hardware health metrics for Dell® PowerEdge®, HP® ProLiant® and IBM® eServer xSeries servers, and VMware® ESX®/ESXi hypervisors.

Extended Server and Application Monitoring

For IT pros seeking advanced monitoring of server performance, resource utilization, processes, services, and event logs, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitorprovides agentless server monitoring. Additionally, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides detailed performance metrics for over 200 applications out of the box including Exchange®, SQL Server®, AD®, and IIS®.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor is an integral part of the application stack dashboard and, when integrated with other infrastructure monitoring tools from SolarWinds, delivers contextual performance insight across the application, server, virtualization and storage layers.