Polargy, Inc. has released the most recent additions to its popular line of PolarFlexTM blanking panels.

Improving data center energy efficiency with cost-effective airflow containment is top of mind for IT managers, as is maintaining a professional and attractive facility. Polargy’s line of PolarFlexTM rack blanking panels are designed to seal empty racks and large unoccupied spaces in server cabinets. With new all-white, all-black and custom art options, PolarFlexTMpanels can complement the aesthetic of any data center and even offer custom corporate branding. The popular original PolarFlexTMdesign, pre-printed with server images, remains in the lineup. All PolarFlexTMstyles are immediately available in 42U, 45U and 48U heights.

“Data centers often house rows of racks that remain unpopulated for some time, and because of new higher density equipment, some racks may be only partially filled,” said Cary Frame, president, Polargy. “For empty or partially filled racks, PolarFlexTMblanking panels are a convenient and cost-effective airflow management solution instead of buying, installing and storing hundreds of individual molded plastic 1U and 2U blanks.”

PolarFlex panels are easily trimmed to size with scissors, so when empty racks become populated, panels can be perfectly re-sized to accommodate new IT gear. PolarFlex blanking panels are made of UL-94-VO fire-rated Lexan film and come packed in boxes of 10 panels.