Nlyte Software has announced that it has received integration certification for HPE OneView, the Composable Infrastructure management solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“Integration is the core principle behind Nlyte DCSM, which bridges the gap between the data center and infrastructure management solutions like HPE OneView,” said Robert Neave, co-founder and CTO of Nlyte Software. “Together these solutions deliver accurate information that makes it easier for individuals to more efficiently do their jobs. The robust combination of Nlyte DCSM and HPE OneView gives our joint customers a way to holistically manage Composable Infrastructures – all the way down to the data center floor.”

Any changes made in infrastructure managed by HPE OneView are automatically synchronized with Nlyte DCSM, which then incorporates the information into the service management processes being executed within the data center. Real-time insights from the Nlyte DCSM enable users to:

  • Automate and optimize chassis and asset placement management and tags
  • Monitor infrastructure resource utilization, such as power, CPU and temperature readings for chassis and mounted blades
  • Synchronize changes in infrastructure under HPE OneView management
  • Increase rack density within a stated power envelope

These capabilities improve accuracy in planning, allocation and billing by associating real-time usage and utilization data with specific clients/tenants; and give users better control over changes occurring on the data center floor.

“The complexity of managing the dynamic environment of people, power, IT infrastructure, policies and business attributes makes it difficult to efficiently operate a data center,” said Paul Miller, vice president of marketing, converged data center infrastructure, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “The integration of Nlyte’s DCSM solution with HPE OneView gives our joint customers a unified view of the physical and the IT infrastructure, improving their ability to keep pace with business change.”

Through Nlyte DCSM, users gain a federated view of power metrics, which enables them to reduce costs and minimize the risk of outages associated with load-induced dynamic energy performance. HPE OneView improves IT administrator efficiency by automating the deployment, updating, and ongoing management of HPE Composable Infrastructure, including the HPE Synergy platform.