Minkels has released a white paper on ROI calculation for investments in aisle containment — for enhanced energy efficiency. The new Minkels white paper provides a well-substantiated calculation model and all the parameters required to calculate achievable returns of aisle containment investments.

Aimed at further reducing data centre energy consumption and addressing corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, Minkels’ newest white paper ‘ROI Calculation Tool - Evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of an aisle containment’ is being launched during the Light + Building event in Frankfurt, Germany. This white paper can also be downloaded at www.minkels.com/whitepaper. The event, one of the world’s leading trade fairs for lighting and building services technology, is taking place at Messe Frankfurt from March 13-18, 2016. At Light + Building, Minkels can be found in booth B86.

“Utilisation of aisle containment in the white space provides tremendous opportunities for data centre operators and its users to save on energy consumption,” said Niek van der Pas, Lead Data Centre Expert at Minkels and author of the white paper. “Minkels has reckoned that an energy reduction of at least 30% to 40% is feasible just by installing aisle containment infrastructure, called Cold Corridors by Minkels, but the actual energy and cost savings depend on user-specific situations. The Minkels ROI Calculation Tool, extensively described in this white paper is helping users to determine their achievable returns.”

ROI calculation model

The Minkels white paper, ‘ROI Calculation Tool - Evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of an aisle containment,’ provides a calculation model and all the ingredients required to make the right calculations for a user-specific ROI. These ROI calculation ingredients include for example aisle containment costs and airflow optimisation.

“This whitepaper is packed with hands-on technical information required for aisle containment investment decision making,” said Christiaan van Terheijden, CEO of Minkels. “All this is framed by a managerial context providing data centre operators the ability to monetise the real efficiency value of aisle containment deployments and calculate the actual return on investment of user-specific layouts. An Atos customer case study and the inclusion of some tax incentive suggestions for energy efficient data centre equipment make the managerial value complete.”

High-density - Big Data, IoT

Isolating hot airflows from cold airflows through aisle containment application saves on energy costs while ensuring that the IT equipment is being cooled within the manufacturers' specifications. It also prevents the emergence of hot spots which can cause equipment failure and data centre outages. Further, when deploying high-density infrastructure for Big Data or IoT purposes, aisle containment ensures optimal operating efficiencies by a uniform distribution of cooling air temperature.

Cooling systems and also power infrastructure are the other main ingredients for establishing energy efficient, predictable, and reliable data centre infrastructure.