Hurricane Electric has announced that it is the first network in the world to connect to over 5,000 IPv4 networks, establishing itself as the most connected IPv4 network in addition to its position as the most connected IPv6 network.

The impressive growth in the number of networks that Hurricane Electric has connected to can be traced to its global strategy of expanding to more countries and cities in order to provide existing customers with more direct routes while reaching new customers. As Hurricane Electric continues to extend its network throughout the world, it will strengthen its newly attained position as the most connected IPv4 network while boosting its long-held role as the most connected IPv6 network, providing robust support for the next billion people coming online. During the remainder of the year, Hurricane Electric will continue to make additional investments in its network in strategic locations across the globe.

“We've been applying the same principles to grow the usefulness of our network for legacy IPv4 the same as we have for our next generation IPv6 network, which has created explosive growth in the number of networks we connect to,” said Mike Leber, president, Hurricane Electric. “This increase will provide more direct paths to more destinations, lower latency, and increase throughput for the networks and Internet companies we serve, resulting in a better Internet experience for their customers."

Hurricane Electric offers an intuitive BGP Tool Kit that analyses the BGP routing tables of large Internet networks. The tool kit features route graphs that show to whom Autonomous Systems are connected and how routes propagate. Peering relationships can be investigated to determine how routes are exchanged and how transits are handling particular routes.