Eaton has announced the launch of its RackPack IT™ platform, combining key elements of advanced power and physical asset management into one simplified, integrated infrastructure. The plug-and-play RackPack IT solution integrates with major virtualization and converged infrastructure platforms, in addition to traditional information technology (IT) environments, to maximize business continuity.

Selecting the correct infrastructure can be challenging. Eaton’s RackPack IT is designed to streamline the process with a bundled solution to help end-users save time and money while avoiding common after-the-fact configuration mistakes. Utilizing an enclosure, advanced power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power system (UPS), as well as comprehensive power management software, Eaton’s RackPack IT offers a complete infrastructure designed to deliver up to 5,400 watts of power — offering data integrity, business continuity and resilience in virtually any IT or enterprise setting.

With best-in-class features for power distribution, the RackPack IT includes Eaton’s ePDU® G3 Metered Input model with one percent billing grade accuracy, an advanced liquid-crystal graphic display (LCD), hot-swap meter and the ability to operate at high 140° Fahrenheit temperatures. Balancing the requirements of airflow management and greater power demands, the RackPack IT also features Eaton’s Vantage S2™ enclosure system and cable management system to enable effective organization within the IT rack, improving airflow and access.

Networks, servers and storage systems are the central nerve center for businesses today, and it is critical that they are protected by a reliable UPS. Helping end-users avoid downtime and protect critical data, the RackPack IT features Eaton’s industry-leading 9PX UPS and an extended battery module to provide reliable, versatile and efficient backup power. An ENERGY STAR® qualified UPS, the 9PX UPS allows customers to effectively reduce electrical usage and carbon footprint.

The RackPack IT is paired with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software: Silver license and environmental monitoring probe, providing the tools required for advanced management within both physical and virtual environments. Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software increases system uptime and data integrity by allowing customers to remotely monitor, manage and control power devices.