Compass Datacenters has once again been featured in the annual Data Center 100 list by CRN, the most respected and influential publication in the IT reseller industry. This annual special issue by the CRN editorial team recognizes data center companies that are leaders in the industry with products, services and expertise that anticipate and meet the evolving needs of corporate customers. Compass Datacenters was also highlighted in the 2014 and 2015 editions of the CRN Data Center 100 for prior innovations in dedicated facilities.

Compass' latest innovation is a game-changing design of its dedicated data center facilities, which dramatically alters the traditional economics for data centers by making dedicated facilities cost-competitive with wholesale solutions in multi-tenant facilities for the first time. The new design provides customers with a standalone facility that can be located anywhere and built in only six months on a pad-ready site with mission critical features such as Tier III constructed facility Uptime certification, a hardened building, future proofing via simultaneous high and low density support, as well as over 75 pre-engineered personalization options.

"Compass' new design for dedicated data centers turns the traditional economics for facilities upside down by making a mission critical, standalone facilities cost the same as multi-tenant space with all of the downsides that come with shared data center space," said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. "My background is in the wholesale data center world, and the cost-effectiveness of that model was a big draw for companies for more than a decade. But that low cost came with a lot of negatives related to shared infrastructure, security concerns and on and on. Every company would prefer to have a facility that is truly their own, and Compass' new facility design is a game changer for the entire industry by making that cost-neutral vs. multi-tenant space—even in Tier 1 markets where the cost issue has traditional been so significant. Companies no longer have to share. It's the first no-sharing, no-compromises solution that eliminates the cost difference with multi-tenant space, and that is big news for the industry."