Coriant has announced that Chief Telecom, which serves as one of Asia’s most important internet hub and digital gateways, has selected the Coriant® hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform to expand its data center interconnect (DCI) service offerings. The Coriant coherent 100G DWDM solution will enable Chief Telecom to cost-effectively deploy resilient and flexible DCI services optimized for growing inter-data center traffic driven by video and cloud end-user applications.

Chief Telecom, as the main IDC services provider in Taiwan, which serves as one of Asia’s most important internet hub and digital gateways, provides extensive global connectivity and network services to globally leading enterprise and multi-national corporations. As these customers increasing rely on cloud communications for critical business operations, the proven reliability and high performance of the hiT 7300 will enable Chief Telecom to build a resilient and cost-effective foundation for cloud-optimized services as enterprise data center connectivity demands scale to 100G and beyond.

“The region-wide growth of cloud computing, video, and other bandwidth-intensive applications is having a profound impact on inter-data center traffic and creating network design and capacity planning challenges for providers of DCI connectivity services,” said Petri Markkanen, regional vice president, Asia Pacific, Coriant. “The hiT 7300 is an important part of Coriant’s comprehensive DCI solutions portfolio, with the scalability, flexibility, and carrier-class reliability to address these challenges and cost-efficiently expand capacity to satisfy evolving customer demands.”

Widely deployed in Tier 1 photonic mesh networks around the world, the hiT 7300 is an industry-leading coherent optical communications system that supports the secure and reliable transmission of 100G+ per channel. The hiT 7300 achieves a total system capacity of up to 9.6 Tbps per fiber pair via 96 x 100G channels, and is designed to support up to 25.6 Tbps when using advanced flexi-rate, flexi-grid, and super-channel capabilities powered by Coriant CloudWave™ Optics. With fast and efficient resiliency options and the most robust optical link performance in the market, the hiT 7300 delivers best-in-class service performance, even under the most challenging fiber optic conditions.

The Coriant solution for Chief Telecom includes the Coriant® Transport Network Management System (TNMS), an end-to-end management platform that simplifies service provisioning and reduces operating expenses, as well as a suite of world-class support services that will provide Chief Telecom with proven expertise in optical core network planning, design, installation, and maintenance.