Uila, Inc. has a new application-aware infrastructure performance management (AA-IPM) solution that enables virtualized data center managers to quickly identify application performance issues to compute, storage, and network root causes and remediation. Uila bridges data center management tool silos to bring full stack application performance visibility to virtual infrastructure managers, enabling them to optimize virtualization efficiency and prevent application performance issues. Uila works without application server OS agents and provides highly visualized analytics and correlation from application performance to virtual and physical infrastructure.

“Without Uila, application performance issues were extremely difficult to solve,” said Jim Root, CIO, Lake Emergency Medical Services. “Our IT managers didn’t have a comprehensive overall view of the root causes of application performance issues. Now, our team can immediately see precisely which infrastructure system is impacting application performance, and we can resolve issues quickly and cost-effectively.”

Uila combines deep packet inspection with virtual infrastructure analytics to deliver application visibility and insights. Uila’s virtual information controller aggregates data from Uila’s distributed virtual smart network taps and from virtual infrastructure metadata to allow users to drill down from the application level to the server compute, memory, storage, or network level to pinpoint problems.

“There’s clearly a gap between application, virtualization, and infrastructure management teams, and this prevents rapid remediation of application performance issues,” said Mike Fratto, principal analyst at Current Analysis. “Uila gives infrastructure and virtualization teams the application performance visibility they need to rapidly pinpoint and fix problems.”

Uila uses no cumbersome agents embedded in application servers, and supports both on-premises and SaaS delivery models and both purchased and in-house applications.

“Uila is the only AA-IPM solution that correlates virtual infrastructure information with application performance for immediate root cause identification and remediation,” said Chia-Chee Kuan, CEO of Uila. “We give virtualized infrastructure managers the first comprehensive view of application performance and infrastructure issues so they can solve problems quickly and support business goals.”