Eaton’s Power Xpert™ 9395 high performance model uninterruptible power system (UPS) builds upon the technological leadership of its flagship Power Xpert™ 9395 UPS, delivering a unity power factor rated with 275 kilowatt (kW) modules at a power rating of 675 to 1,100 kW/kVA that offers up to ten percent more power within the same footprint to help customers reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

With the growing power demands of large facilities and MTDCs, customers need powerful UPS systems to support their critical business processes. Bringing UPS capabilities to the next level for data center facility and information technology (IT) managers, the Power Xpert 9395 high performance model delivers up to 99% efficiency across most loads through Eaton’s groundbreaking Energy Saver System and industry leading double-conversion efficiency up to 97%.

The Power Xpert 9395 high performance UPS’s advanced touchscreen liquid crystal display (LCD) combines aesthetics with ease-of-use and reliability. The innovative and sleek design of the touchscreen shares graphical energy data to help data center and facility operators better manage power consumption and costs.