Nlyte Software has announced its acquisition of FieldView Solutions

Over a decade ago, Nlyte Software became the first company to offer a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution. In 2015, Nlyte introduced the first DCSM solution, which goes beyond managing infrastructure to help organizations deliver services to their customers as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. With the addition of FieldView Solutions, Nlyte is extending its capabilities to include real-time event management and the analytics required for proactively managing data center infrastructure to ensure IT service continuity.

"FieldView has built a very successful business providing critical real-time alarming and analytics to some of the largest co-location facilities and enterprises in the world. In today's on-demand world, it is imperative for an enterprise to be able to react quickly to changes in the state of its data centers," said Doug Sabella, president and CEO of Nlyte Software. "The health of a data center's infrastructure is critically important to an IT organization's mission to deliver high-quality services on time and cost effectively. For too long, critical facilities have been managed opaquely and it is our intent with the integration of FieldView's solution to bring transparency needed to tightly integrate and enhance automation of other key IT functions, such as incident management and performance management."

"We share the same vision as Nlyte. Our combined customer list and the strength of our united solutions will further bolster Nlyte's position as the leader in this industry. Our focus has always been to enable large enterprises to optimize their data center operations through real-time monitoring, alarming, trending and analysis," said Fred Dirla, CEO of FieldView Solutions. "We are excited to join Nlyte Software and bring these robust capabilities to the growing DCSM market."

Like Nlyte, FieldView recognizes the importance of following up successful deployments with superior customer service. FieldView's customers can be assured of the highest level of customer service from Nlyte, while also being offered a new and expanded set of functionality.