RLE Technologies has announced that it has been selected by ViaWest to standardize on its monitoring solutions across the company’s 30data centers. The new partnership is designed to enhance the monitoring and alerting capabilities of the current building management systems (BMS) to provide a more granular and representative view of the customer experience, through the integration of an enhanced suite of environmental threat detection products.

“We chose to standardize on solutions offered by RLE Technologies because of their expertise and extensive history in the data center monitoring industry,” said Dave Leonard, chief data center officer, ViaWest. “The added environmental information that our data centers receive through the implementation of RLE Technologies’ products is extraordinarily valuable. This partnership will help us monitor environmental data, increase operational performance, and improve our customers’ experience in our data centers.”

ViaWest will be integrating a variety of monitoring solutions from RLE Technologies’ current product lineup into existing and future data centers, including the Facility Monitoring System and Wireless Sensor Platform. This undertaking enables ViaWest to receive advanced warning of environmental anomalies that have the potential to impact customers, helping ViaWest to respond proactively to avoid customer inconvenience. ViaWest will also realize financial savings by avoiding reactive analyses and responses.

Future Resource Engineering, a premier data center energy efficiency optimization organization, introduced ViaWest to RLE technologies, and will configure all equipment for optimal performance prior to implementation.

“We are very happy to partner with a top data center and Hybrid IT solutions provider like ViaWest in cooperation with Future Resource Engineering,” said Jeremy Swanner, executive vice president at RLE Technologies. “They service a tremendous amount of customers across their data centers and their customer experience is a core, differentiating principle. I am delighted that they chose to use RLE Technologies’ monitoring products to improve and extend that great customer experience.”