Illumio has announced that NetSuite Inc. has selected the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP)™ to secure its high-value applications across its data centers and cloud environments. NetSuite's decision to adopt Illumio ASP was driven by its need for continuous security and the desire for complete flexibility when determining the granularity of security policy enforcement for high-value applications and processes. 

Illumio ASP is the first software to deliver intelligent visibility, micro-segmentation and encryption that constantly adapts to changes in computing environments. With Illumio ASP, security is always kept intact, including during moves, changes and orchestration, regardless of where a workload resides. 

"There can be no rest in what we do with our security because we are delivering software continuously to our customers all over the world. The sun never sets for us," said Brian Chess, SVP of Infrastructure and Security, NetSuite. "Illumio has delivered security and visibility so intelligent my team only needs to set policies once and then as our computing environment expands, contracts and moves, Illumio ASP takes care of ensuring our desired security is always enforced. It has been like having an additional member of our security team that never sleeps — allowing us to increase security across our suite of software applications."

NetSuite is utilizing Illumio ASP's full suite of features across its data centers and clouds to increase security and benefit immediately from:

  • Continuous policy enforcement: Illumio's Policy Compute Engine delivers intelligent visibility, segmentation and encryption that constantly adapts to changes in any computing environment.
  • Live traffic and policy visibility: Real-time graphical map of all application traffic enables NetSuite to create well-informed security policies down to the workload and process level.
  • Infrastructure independence: Security decoupled from the network works across data centers and public clouds with uniform policies on any combination of computing, bare metal, virtual machines and containers. This enables NetSuite to evolve securely to new computing.
  • On-demand, policy-based encryption: IPsec connections are implemented for applications across environments with a single click, without any VLANs or hardware.
  • Enterprise scale and reliability: Software is built for distributed scale out with a self-healing redundant architecture. Enforcement remains consistent even with system outage.
  • One click to quarantine: NetSuite can see unauthorized workload communications (policy violations) in real time — including malware and Trojans — and can quarantine with a single click.