Eaton has released a flexible and space efficient rack and cable management solution for high-density network equipment and data center applications. Eaton’s B-Line™ series High Density Network Rack System (HDNR) utilizes Eaton’s patented 4-Dimension™ structural support system to enable an increase in cable management capacity compared to competing vertical cable managers.

Eaton’s HDNR system offers innovative open-frame rack solutions with a full line of rack, cable management, power, and air flow accessories which deliver industry-leading flexibility, density, and reliable mounting of critical network equipment.

“Eaton is revolutionizing the traditional rack system to provide customers with a new standard for functionality and flexibility,” said Ed Eacueo, senior manager, Data Center Products, Eaton. “The new HDNR is specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s data center and network environments while creating a more cost effective infrastructure.”

To help reduce costs and preserve valuable data center floor space, the HDNR’s unique cable management design supports its maximum cable capacity without increases in physical footprint. The HDNR achieves maximum density with an increase in total cable capacity versus leading competitor high density rack systems.

Preserving uptime during maintenance or system changes, the system is designed with low-profile in-rack electrical power distribution unit (ePDU) mounting that allows users to remove equipment from the back of the rack without disconnecting power. 

The HDNR system also features fully adjustable rails designed to meet diverse and changing equipment, cabling and power needs both before and after installation. Multiple ePDU mounting options offer versatility when system requirements are unknown and a fully adjustable rack waterfall is compatible with Eaton’s complete range of cable management and rack accessories.

To provide reliable protection for hardware investments, the HDNR system is engineered with a 2,200-pound load rating and is both Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and California Hospital Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) pre-approved. To provide additional safety, all HDNR configurations feature a self-bonding grounding system and floor anchor holes.