fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547) has announced that its Orangeburg facility has received the 'Power to Grow' Economic Development Incentive Rate (EDR) from the Orange & Rockland Utilities (O&R). This rate will provide a 20% discount on the delivery portion of the O&R electric bill for five years. This coupled with the NYPA Hydropower allotment for seven years will allow tenants to achieve one of the lowest power costs in the NY/NJ region.

As an expanding business in the region, 1547's Orangeburg facility became eligible for this incentive. 1547's construction and engineering teams work diligently on a local and national level to ensure they are aware of programs that will provide cost effective solutions in the datacenter. This cost reduction is a significant differentiator not available in the surrounding metro areas.

"Our continued development and expansion in Orangeburg can be attributed to competitive advantages, such as the EDR, the region provides for our tenants," states Patrick Hynes, managing director and co-founder of 1547. "We are glad to make a home in Rockland County and appreciate the support of the local government and utility organizations. Through these types of incentive programs businesses like 1547 are able to grow as demand increases."

"I am always looking to engage in the action necessary to improve our economic climate in a manner that is smart, sustainable and forward thinking," states Ed Day, county executive of Rockland County. "I am proud of the fact that in this case, an agreement was achievable thus furthering those goals."

"1547 continues to bring new opportunities to our county," states Deborah Patterson, economic development director of O&R Utilities. "The EDR was set up as a way to encourage companies to expand locally and we are happy that 1547 and its customers are able to benefit from our utility incentive programs."

"The Rockland Business Association is extremely pleased that 1547 has received the EDR from Orange & Rockland Utilities," states Al Samuels, president and CEO of Rockland Business Association. "The availability of this very favorable rate is a significant example of the competitive opportunities in our region and the support companies can expect from our electric utility."