CyrusOne has announced the addition of "How to Ensure Data Security: Simple Question, Complicated Answer," to its library of executive reports. The report discusses how more companies are making data security a primary focus, developing effective plans to address issues beyond where to store data, and establishing clear guidelines for how to manage and monitor key data.

“Data security is a top priority across business verticals. Whether a company is in the financial, healthcare, or technology industry, senior IT leadership at all organizations has a financial and business obligation to keep their customers’ information secure,” said Scott Brueggeman, chief marketing officer, CyrusOne. “However, physical and data security is not always within a company’s core skillset, so many organizations choose to look to a third party provider to securely scale their infrastructure to meet their business needs. CyrusOne colocation facilities are a logical choice to establish best-in-class security measures.”

On the heels of recent high-profile data breaches, research shows companies are increasing their investment in data security accordingly. The executive report details how businesses should plan and implement the physical and network procedures to ensure creative, cost-effective, long-term security solutions.

To download the complimentary executive report in its entirety, click here.