ROCKAN Data Center AB now opens its doors. ROCKAN Data Center is one of the most secure and state of the art data centers in the world, located in a former military facility in central Sweden.

The former military facility were ROCKAN Data Center is located cannot only survive a direct nuclear strike, but also carry on its mission in a post nuclear environment. ROCKAN Data Center operates their data center in central Sweden with great redundant connectivity to the rest of the world. The data center uses extremely little energy for cooling the servers as the center uses the rocks natural cooling properties to maintain cool temperatures in server rooms.

ROCKAN Data Center offers clients space, power and cooling with extremely high-layered security, reliability and performance that go far beyond industry standard. In addition, ROCKAN also offers so-called "intelligent hands" in place 24/7/365, making it possible for customers so that they never even need to visit the data center if they do not want to. For those customers who still wish to visit the data center offers the opportunity to fly a helicopter in a short time between Bromma Airport and the data center just outside Linköping.

“Companies and organizations need of constantly functioning and highly secure IT operations grow as IT is becoming increasingly business critical, said Elon Björin, CTO of ROCKAN Data Center AB. Large amounts of data increase the importance of a dynamic data center to provide an efficient and secure IT operations. We at ROCKAN can finally offer the customers with very high security demands an ultra-modern data center for its business-critical IT environment at competitive prices”.

Among ROCKAN Data Center's customers are international companies with high demands on security, companies and organizations whose IT is business critical and may not go into operation, regardless.

ROCKAN Data Center services in brief:

  • Standard Colocation - Space located in a shared rack where you rent the acquired numbers of Units for your needs.
  • Private Rack - Provides you with a dedicated, locked rack with 52 units.
  • Private Cage - Provides you with your own secure area within a shared colocation area. You share climate control, fire suppression system and power with other customers.
  • Private Room - A dedicated private room tailor built to your specific requirements. Separated from other customer areas by enclosed walls. Climate control, fire suppression system, power and access control are exclusive to your room.
  • Managed Colocation - ROCKAN Data Center provides customers with engineering staff at short notice to assist with data center support 24/7/365. The staff will follow the customer instructions performing the tasks requested.

ROCKAN Data Center AB, formerly Another Host AB, formed in 2007 and has been a provider of data management and hosting services for international customers since then. As the demands for safety and system grew, the company began to actively look for a new facility that was better suited to meet the needs of their customers, and then they found the former military facility that is located in a rock cavern in central Sweden.