NTT Communications Corporation has announced the immediate launch of the Thailand Bangkok 2 Data Center, which boasts some 3,800 m2 of server room, equivalent to 1,400 racks, putting it in the top scale of data centers in Thailand.

The four-story dedicated facility, which cost nearly 32 million USD, is located in the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in the suburbs of Bangkok. This is the first data center to have been certified by the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI). NTT Com’s new facility will leverage highly reliable, state-of-the-art equipment and NTT Com’s global network node to provide Nexcenter™ next-generation data center services, which are noted for their high quality, cost efficiency and flexibility.

Safe location with low risk of flood and little effect by political demonstration
The facility is located in an area with a low risk of flooding, more than four meters above sea level. Floodwalls or dikes standing 4.7 meters above sea level surround the facility and its entire perimeter, part of assuring safe operation during unforeseen natural disasters. Also, the area is approximately 70km from Bangkok, far from any likely political disturbance.

Top-class reliability suited to financial institutions
A redundant dual-path guarantees 99.9999% power availability, unrivaled in Thailand. Air-conditioning features an N+1 redundant configuration. Robust security can be tailored for companies that require extra-rigorous solutions. Carrier-neutral policy enables the use of multiple carriers to establish redundant networks. NTT Com’s new data center is ideal for mission-critical financial institutions and the core systems of enterprises, as well as for backup purposes.

Fully equipped offices are suitable for BCP
The data center offers customers use of large offices equipped with backup power from emergency generators. The offices, which are fully integrated with the data center, are well suited to business continuity planning (BCP) purposes.

Thailand Bangkok 2 Data Center

Thailand, which is located in the middle of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), continues to attract global enterprises. Locally based financial institutions and other multinational companies are increasingly demanding outsourced data centers to optimize their ICT environments. Extra-safe data centers located in Bangkok’s suburbs offer enhanced BCP assurances in view of occasional floods and political disruptions seen in certain Thai urban centers in recent years. NTT Com’s new data center leverages the local know-how of Digital Port Asia Ltd., a Thai firm in which NTT Com acquired a stake in 2013.

Going forward, NTT Com expects to further strengthen its data center services and other ICT solutions in the growing market of Thailand.