Uptime Institute has announced that it has successfully certified more than half of CenturyLink, Inc.’s global data centers with its Management & Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval. Uptime Institute will evaluate the remainder of CenturyLink’s more than 50 global data centers over the next 12 months.

This time last year, CenturyLink singularly pledged its commitment to data center operational excellence by pursuing the M&O Stamp of Approval for all its data centers, which validates the critical facilities management and operations practices of an existing data center. Earning this credential demonstrates leadership and provides third-party assurance that a data center satisfies industry-recognized criteria for excellence, risk management, and reliability.

“We sought a level of achievement to differentiate CenturyLink’s data centers beyond what was expected or commonplace. Uptime Institute’s M&O Stamp of Approval requires a level of rigor and aptitude specific to data centers that digs into, and recognizes, our operational achievements,” said David Meredith, senior vice president, CenturyLink.

“CenturyLink’s commitment and achievements are unparalleled. If customers think this same diligence is demonstrated by all providers – they are gambling with their IT investment and performance if they don’t ask to see the unbiased, third-party proof,” noted Lee Kirby, CTO of Uptime Institute.

With these continued efforts, CenturyLink is not only raising the bar for operations excellence, but also accountability and rigor in RFPs and procurement. CenturyLink is the first in several markets, including Seattle, Denver, and Atlanta, with the latest awards in London. Furthermore, CenturyLink has the largest portfolio of certified sites around the globe.

In addition to committing to M&O Stamp of Approval across its portfolio, CenturyLink has also received several Tier Certifications from Uptime Institute for recent data center build projects throughout the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.