Equinix, Inc. has announced that EarthLink is leveraging the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ for direct connectivity to cloud and enterprise customers as part of the EarthLink Cloud Express product.  As a leading managed network, security and cloud solutions provider EarthLink has been able to increase time to market and scale where the Equinix Cloud Exchange is available to meet their changing business needs.

EarthLink has been working with Equinix for over a decade, having utilized the Equinix expanding footprint of data centers to interconnect and peer with bandwidth providers, backbone networks and large content providers. Today EarthLink operates a nationwide network spanning more than 28,000 fiber route miles, with 90 metro fiber rings and secure data centers that provide ubiquitous data and voice IP service coverage. The Equinix Cloud Exchange means that EarthLink can connect to many participants (clouds, networks, enterprise customers), while enabling dynamic bandwidth allocation among various parties, and all over redundant high-speed network interconnects.

EarthLink leveraged Equinix Global Solution Architects and the Equinix Solution Validation Centers to develop an API and custom portal development for its myLink® portal, providing Cloud Express customers real time information on their cloud connections, via a single pane of glass. This increased flexibility helps EarthLink reach enterprise customers that are increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions to meet their IT needs while also addressing application performance issues. According to a recent Forrester study1, enterprises have experienced on average of a 40% reduction in bandwidth costs by using Equinix.

EarthLink's portfolio of secure services improve cloud and business application performance while protecting against security threats. The Equinix Cloud Exchange improves end-user experience through predictable network performance, which is increasingly important for EarthLink's retail customers who now experience added benefits as they continue to adopt cloud-based point-of-sale solutions.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange allows businesses to deploy hybrid cloud architectures for essential business applications by providing access to leading cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Platform and IBM SoftLayer, via a private, high-speed, low-latency connection that bypasses the public Internet.

By providing access on the Equinix Cloud Exchange, EarthLink Cloud Express delivers secure, direct high-performance connections to leading cloud service providers. Easy to deploy and operate, these virtual network circuits are quickly provisioned, scalable, and have no traditional access costs.