Aisle containment has been proven to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs in data centers. Chatsworth Products (CPI) has engineered aisle containment solutions that personalize virtually any containment strategy and are designed to seal airflow 200% more efficiently than similar products, helping to extend the life of the data center.

CPI Aisle Containment Solutions bring an unparalleled level of quality, experience, and efficiency to airflow management. With CPI Aisle Containment, heat and power densities can increase by as much as four times the original level, which increases cooling efficiency by nearly three times.

Other benefits of CPI Aisle Containment include:

  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Effectively utilizes 100% of supplied air and reduces chilled air waste
  • Improves CRAC unit efficiency
  • Provides flexibility for supply air delivery through the ceiling, wall, or floor


CPI Aisle Containment Solutions provide built-in flexibility that adapt to challenges like limited ceiling height and complicated overhead pathways. This configurability results in extremely energy efficient solutions that are suitable for Greenfield applications, as well as extending the life of an existing facility.