DE-CIX has announced the 100th customer network on its New York Internet exchange. Launched in May 2014, DE-CIX New York is DE-CIX's first Internet exchange in North America and the city's fastest-growing exchange. Achieving the 100th customer milestone this month keeps DE-CIX New York growing faster than its initial growth projections.

"We are thrilled that the concept of DE-CIX New York has been so well-received by the marketplace," states Harald A. Summa, DE-CIX CEO. "In less than 18 months, our team has grown this new exchange from zero to an ever-increasing ecosystem of some of the world's most important networks. It's a rich and thriving environment that will continue to serve the Internet community with truly neutral peering and interconnection services of the highest quality."

DE-CIX New York was created to deliver a distributed carrier and data center-neutral Internet exchange to the New York metropolitan area. In an effort to offer customers more reliable and flexible service options, from the beginning, DE-CIX New York offered more than 100 access points to its exchange from the most relevant data centers around the region.

"In a relatively short amount of time, we have successfully created a strong 'center of gravity' in the region for networks, and we intend to continue to grow DE-CIX New York with the same focus and energy into the future," continues Summa. "We thank our customers and partners for trusting us with their mission-critical data and look forward to serving them well into the future."

In the past several years, DE-CIX has expanded rapidly into new markets around the globe, delivering service in markets with the need for neutral and open peering and interconnection. This strategy was affirmed earlier this month, when DE-CIX received the award for "Best Internet Exchange" by Capacity magazine, a publication dedicated to the wholesale telecommunications industry.