vXchnge has announced that Cogent Communications now has a total of nine vXchnge data centers that benefit from Cogent’s global connectivity with the latest expansion of their footprint in vXchnge markets.

Cogent serves more than 190 markets in 42 countries and is consistently ranked as one of the top five Internet backbone networks in the world. With this network expansion, businesses in vXchnge’s Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Secaucus data centers will join those in vXchnge’s Santa Clara, New York City, Jersey City, and Cleveland facilities — all these data center customers will be able to tap into Cogent’s Internet access and data transport services. 

“vXchnge's broad geographic footprint enables Cogent to reach more businesses and continue to offer the high quality services, we have committed to providing to customers,” remarked Dave Schaeffer, CEO at Cogent Communications. “In addition, vXchnge has a strong record of operational resiliency and quality of service, which is required for us to continue to serve our customers as we do.”

vXchnge’s data centers position customers at “the Edge.” These network “edges” enable customers’ advantages in serving their customers. vXchnge provides improved reliability, choice and scale for networked enabled applications such as e-commerce, cloud applications and video related solutions. The expansion of Cogent’s global network services enhances the vXchnge marketplace and affords customers choice and performance. 

“With Cogent’s global network presence in our data centers, we are able to provide our customers access to Cogent’s high quality fiber optic connectivity options from one of the world’s largest ISPs,” said Keith Olsen, chief executive officer at vXchnge. “vXchnge has a proven track record of supporting global and emerging brands by providing the flexibility, security and operational excellence that enables connectivity between networks, cloud providers and enterprises.”