Allied Fiber has officially launched a new Regional Service Provider (RSP) Initiative. The program will bring significant economic benefits to the RSPs and the businesses and consumers they serve in their local markets.

Allied Fiber’s network-neutral, infrastructure “real estate” enables local government, education, healthcare and enterprise-level organizations throughout Florida and Georgia to reduce their operating expenses while increasing their network capabilities and performance by establishing a network access presence in one, or more of the Allied Fiber colocation facilities.

“By establishing a network access presence within our colocation facilities along our fiber route between Miami and Atlanta the RSPs that serve those regions will be able to expand their reach, reduce their own expenses and drive new revenue growth in a network-neutral environment,” said Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied Fiber. “As a result the organizations within the communities along our route will gain access to unprecedented levels of network services that will have a major positive impact on the way they work, learn and live their lives.”

Local government, education, healthcare and enterprise-level organizations can connect to and establish a network presence in an Allied Fiber colocation facility by signing network access service agreements with one of the RSPs.

The first participating RSPs are Dark Fiber Systems (DFS) and Joytel Communications, two Jacksonville-based regional service providers that are actively building a presence in multiple Allied Fiber colocation facilities in Florida. DFS and Joytel service local businesses in the region and through their use of the Allied Fiber system are extending their reach and ability to serve other communities.

“After being in the Northeast Florida market for 18 years, partnering with Allied Fiber through the RSP Initiative will allow DFS to expand its metro dark fiber services to other markets we could not reach before. We are excited to be working with a company whose vision for the national market so closely matches the vision we have for the local market,” said Jered Bearden, President of Dark Fiber Systems.

Allied Fiber’s neutral infrastructure enables regional service providers throughout Florida and Georgia to grow their network footprints and increase their reach in local markets by:

  • Leasing dark fiber along the Allied Fiber backbone
  • Installing their own optical and electrical networking equipment in the Allied Fiber colocation facilities
  • Offering network services directly to and from the facilities   
  • Interconnecting with new customers generating revenue without the need for and expense of local access circuits
  • In order for a RSP to benefit for the program, RSPs are required to:
  • Establish a physical network presence in one, or more of the Allied Fiber Florida and, or Georgia colocation facilities
  • Provide various “lit” and, or “dark” fiber network services to and from the Allied Fiber colocation facilities to organizations in the local communities
  • Participate in the Allied Fiber “Dark Fiber Community” outreach and awareness campaign educating organizations in the local community about the opportunity for RSP transport, transit and peering