Eaton has announced a new patented fuse disconnect option with its best-in-class ePDU® third-generation (G3) platform in North America. Building on its advanced portfolio of rack power distribution units (PDUs), Eaton’s new fuse disconnect models address a common challenge of 400-volt power distribution – offering higher amp interrupt capacity and the ability to clear higher fault currents. Eaton fuse disconnect models provide up to 100 Kilo Ampere Interrupting Capacity (KAIC) fault current protection and a current limiting capability, which offers an advantage over circuit breakers by protecting equipment downstream.

To date, many data center and information technology (IT) managers have utilized circuit breakers exclusively because traditional fuses require PDUs to be unplugged when changing or replacing. The ePDU G3 fuse disconnect models address this issue utilizing Eaton’s Bussmann® low profile Compact Circuit Protector (CCP), enabling end-users to more safely and efficiently replace the fuses without removing power. With this feature, customers can reap the benefits of using a fuse for enhanced power protection while also enhancing uptime of critical systems.

“Rounding out the industry-leading ePDU G3 platform, Eaton’s new fuse disconnect models offer an advanced solution for high-fault currents present in 400-volt and higher power applications,” said Joe Skorjanec, ePDU product manager, Eaton Distributed Power Solutions. “Leveraging the major enhancements Eaton has made to fuse holders with the disconnect technology, the latest offering is another example of how ePDU G3 continues to meet challenges in the data center.”

Offered in conjunction with Eaton’s Basic, Metered Input, Metered Outlet and Managed models, the new fuse disconnect option includes all of the same award-winning features of ePDU G3. With a variety of capabilities to fulfill IT requirements, ePDU G3 models are designed to provide best-in-class power distribution in applications ranging from small/medium businesses to enterprise data centers. Eaton ePDU G3 models are optimized to work with Eaton’s Intelligent Power® Manager software, offering an integrated power management solution to monitor multiple units through virtualization systems like VMware® vCenter Server™.

With ePDU G3 Managed and Metered Outlet models, data centers gain the capability to meter power at the outlet level with one percent revenue-grade power monitoring for enhanced accuracy and efficiency. Network connected ePDU G3 models can also daisy chain with other PDUs, so that eight devices can share one network port and IP address. All Eaton ePDU G3 models feature a new patent-pending International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) outlet grip, which is designed to hold plugs in place and eliminate risks associated with the common and often costly problem of plugs falling out of outlets due to bumps or vibrations.