Cologix announced that Telefonica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market, has deployed a Point of Presence in Cologix’s JAX1 data center in Jacksonville (Florida), which creates a new diverse path for Internet traffic, complementing legacy paths flowing through Miami. Telefonica Business Solutions is a member of the Pacific and Caribbean Cable System (PCCS) which recently announced its 3,700 mile subsea cable system is operational, with its US node landing directly in Jacksonville. With their new PoP, Telefonica Business Solutions can connect wholesale customers and peers to both their subsea and terrestrial networks at Cologix’s facility.

Cologix operates the most connected data center and the Meet-Me-Room in the 421 W. Church carrier hotel, recently completing a $7M+ capacity augment and upgrade to all critical power and cooling infrastructure in preparation for the subsea cables landing in Jacksonville.  In addition, Cologix has completed a diverse dark fiber network between its interconnect site at JAX 1 with its JAX 2 enterprise grade data center at 4800 Spring Park Rd.  The combination provides networks direct access to the largest and growing set of enterprises in the region and significant space and power capacity for growth.

“We entered and invested heavily into the Jacksonville market with the express objective of supporting the carriers riding the new PCCS and AMX-1 subsea cable systems, so we are honored and gratified that Telefonica Business Solutions selected our facility for their network node,” explained Graham Williams, chief operating officer, Cologix.  “We continue to believe that the path of Internet traffic between North and South America will be fundamentally changed by networks like Telefonica and we are proud to be a part of that transition.”