TELADATA has announced that CEO and co-founder of Wire, Jonathan Christensen will deliver the keynote address for the Technology Convergence Conference (TCC), taking place on February 25, 2016 in Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.

The TCC Keynote, titled “The Evolution of Communication,” will explore the topic in three parts: The history of telecommunications, the evolving landscape of workplace communications with millennials and the introduction of digitally native generation Z, as well as insight into changing global communication privacy.

Christensen’s passion is in IP communications, and building specialized teams to solve leading edge engineering problems. With the goal of making effortless communications a reality, Christensen co-founded Wire and has two decades of experience building new products and businesses in startup companies and world class enterprises, including Camino Networks, Skype, Microsoft and Time Warner.

“The new generation joining the workplace is heavily influenced by powerful handsets, smart devices, faster networks, and a changing global privacy landscape,” said Christensen. “Consumer trends have never had a bigger impact on the way businesses operate.”

“As the trend of technology convergence and advancement continues to evolve in the workplace, so do the presentation topics and discussions at the TCC. The educational sessions and candid peer conversations that take place will be of benefit to our conference attendees as we prepare for inevitable future technological advancements.” said Maricel Cerruti, director of Marketing and Business Development at TELADATA and Founder of the Technology Convergence Conference.