SolarWinds has announced that network engineers can now perform health checks on their networks using the new SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager (NCM) connector for Cisco® SmartAdvisor.

Network engineers and IT managers frequently face challenges due to device obsolescence, defects, vulnerabilities and lack of support, putting networks at greater risk of downtime and loss of data and confidentiality. Regular network health analysis can deliver the diagnostic insight engineers need to improve network security, reliability and performance.

“In-depth assessment and analysis of network health does not happen often enough within most organizations due to the substantial effort required to collect the data and the specialization needed to conduct the analysis and make impactful recommendations. This ultimately puts networks at risk,” said Nikki Jennings, group vice president, product strategy, SolarWinds. “Now, with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager’s integration with Cisco SmartAdvisor, network engineers get critical, actionable insights so they can better protect their networks, maximize the value of hardware investments, lower operating costs, and improve network reliability and service delivery.”


  • Collects network discovery and device inventory data, including model numbers, installed software versions, and configuration settings, and delivers it to Cisco’s SmartAdvisor web service for expert analysis
  • Returns a collection of reports in a single dashboard detailing: 360-degree network assessment; end-of-sale, -service and -life information; service coverage; and more
  • Offers recommendations to improve the state of the network and devices, optimize network performance, improve operational efficiency, and simplify and automate ongoing operations

“Cisco customers have the freedom to choose the most convenient and actionable installed base management solutions for their needs. SolarWinds is a natural partner for our SmartAdvisor service, giving users the ability to automatically discover the relevant and reliable data they need to maintain optimal network performance,” said Mike Friday, director, product management, Smart Service Software, Cisco. “As a trusted Cisco partner, SolarWinds is now able to deliver even more convenience and value to SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager customers of any size.”