Emerson Network Powers’ SmartCabinet™ is a pre-engineered integrated rack solution designed for deployment at the edge of IT networks and remote locations such as stores, branch offices, and small and medium businesses. These compact, rapidly deployable solutions support local data storage and processing with the industry’s most comprehensive single-cabinet unified infrastructure solution that provides secure remote monitoring and manageability. The SmartCabinet for branch and remote locations is available in North America.

The integrated serial console server allows IT managers to centrally manage all IT assets and infrastructure remotely without having to dispatch support personnel or contractors. These operations are secure and network-independent with public switched telephone network (PSTN) or 4G LTE capabilities and full Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-compliant encryption and authentication. The SmartCabinet for branch offices also takes advantage of Emerson Network Power’s expertise in power distribution and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, offering intelligent power distribution, battery health monitoring and class-leading power conditioning and battery backup. The best-in-class physical security, with fully lockable cabinets, intrusion detection with remote alerting and optional surveillance, protects IT systems and infrastructure from manipulation or theft.