Cologix has announced that Neutral Path Communications has selected Cologix’s newest Minneapolis data center (MIN3) in the 511 Building as one of its main network endpoints. Minnesota networks and enterprises now have access to Neutral Path’s more than 110,000 fiber miles and 1,300 route miles across the Midwest via Cologix’s highly connected Meet Me Room.

“The Cologix Minneapolis data center is the focal point of interconnection in the upper Midwest,” noted Neutral Path co-founder and chief strategy officer Tony Frentz. “It’s all about connectivity and Cologix has it. By colocating with Cologix, Neutral Path has direct access to more than 70 unique carriers, a broad set of potential customers as well as the core node of the Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE).”

“Minneapolis is one of the fastest growing interconnect markets in the country. The network in Chicago is already overbuilt; the opportunities are now in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets where we are seeing strong demand,” said Neutral Path co-founder and chief technology officer Jay Hanke. “Content is moving closer to the edge eyeballs, and that’s where the Neutral Path fiber route plays an important role. We bring high-speed content delivery closer to the enduser, with Neutral Path’s low-cost transport providing access to all of those resources to bring costs down along the path.”

“Cologix is always working to bring new connectivity options into its Meet-Me-Rooms so our local service provider and enterprise communities can benefit from additional choice,” explained Kim Gerhart, general manager, Cologix.  “Neutral Path is a great example of a forward-looking network that has leveraged a unique approach to bring capacity to rapidly growing edge markets and we are pleased to support them in Minneapolis.”