SolarWinds has extended the value of its award-winning network performance monitoring solution, SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor, by offering network engineers 1000 packet analysis sensors as part of the product deployment. With the resources to monitor their entire environments, network engineers can now troubleshoot application latency on networks regardless of origin to help ensure end-user quality of experience and continuity of business operations.

“High-performing networks help ensure business continuity, and with applications placing more demands on networks than ever before, it has become the perfect storm for network engineers who are tasked with identifying problems and keeping businesses running,” said Nikki Jennings, group vice president, product strategy, SolarWinds. “With SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor’s packet sensors, network engineers can apply packet analysis technology throughout their environments, gaining critical extended insight into their networks and going above and beyond fault and availability monitoring to pinpoint the root causes of performance issues.”

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor provides a comprehensive view of network fault, performance, availability, traffic and latency to more effectively identify, prioritize and resolve network issues before they impact application performance, end users and businesses.

Most recently, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor won the Platinum distinction for “General Network Monitoring Tool” from Redmond magazine in their 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards.

What will network engineers solve next with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor?

Now with expanded packet inspection, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor enables network engineers to monitor their environments and gain more accurate visibility by:

  • Continuously monitoring all packets across the wire
  • Identifying, classifying and inspecting application traffic for over 1,200 applications running on their networks
  • Displaying network and application response time in easy-view charts and graphs
  • Complementing the power of flow-based technologies like NetFlow, sFlow® and J-Flowwith packet inspection and analysis