OneNeck® IT Solutions has announced its Tier III data center in Eden Prairie, MN., has earned certification and now qualifies for Minnesota’s data center sales and use tax rebate incentives.

“Our customers are the biggest beneficiary of this program,” said Terry Swanson, senior vice president of Solutions Providers at OneNeck. “Not only do they get a rebate that can be re-invested into growing the business, our customers can rest-assured their mission-critical IT infrastructure is in a safe, secure and reliable facility.”

The OneNeck facility, considered one of largest in the Upper Midwest, was originally build in 2010 and expanded in 2011 and 2014. It was the first commercially-available data center in Minnesota to receive the Uptime Institute Tier III Design Certification.

The rebate on sales and use taxes applies to all purchases of enterprise information technology equipment and computer software placed within a qualifying data center, such as OneNeck’s facility in Eden Prairie. This encompasses new IT assets as well as items purchased to replace or upgrade what’s already in the data center, including:

  • Computers, servers, routers, software
  • Rack systems, trays and cable
  • Cooling systems, cooling towers and other temperature control infrastructure
  • Power infrastructure to transfer, distribute, and manage electricity

The rebate applies on qualifying IT equipment and software purchases made dating back to February 1, 2013; it continues on qualifying purchases made through January 31, 2033.

According to OneNeck, the rebate is attractive to companies looking for an alternative to owning, operating and maintaining their own data center.

“We can provide the infrastructure, operations and support to help companies lower their operating expenses, reduce capital expenditures, deploy solutions faster and scale to meet everyday changes,” stated Swanson. “It’s about offering choices to our customers in order to deliver the right application, on the right cloud, at the right time.”