Rosendin Electric was ranked third by revenue on the 2015 list of Top 50 Electrical Contractors compiled by Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine. Rosendin Electric was the only privately held electrical contractor to rank in the top four in revenue.

Rosendin Electric was among 10 contractors on the EC&M list to post annual gains of 15 percent or more in 2014. Much of the growth is attributed to economic recovery, since overall revenue from electrical and telecommunications projects climbed from $15.7 billion in 2013 to $21.8 billion in 2014. Regional markets where Rosendin Electric has a strong presence, such as San Francisco and Silicon Valley, have seen resurgence in new construction in 2014 and 2015 due to pent up demand. Rosendin Electric also had a variety of projects in the industries that demonstrated the strongest growth – healthcare, data center, power, education, and manufacturing.

In addition to increasing their volume of construction projects, Rosendin Electric continues to be a pioneer amongst peers in the development of technology to improve operational efficiency. Rosendin Electric was one of the first electrical contractors to equip project managers, superintendents, and field supervision with tablets to allow them to review project specs and diagrams, clock workers in and out, manage the supply chain, and much more. The use of sophisticated materials tracking software, for example, supports just-in-time delivery of essential materials to the job site to eliminate construction downtime. In addition, Rosendin Electric provides its employees with comprehensive documentation and hands-on training, as well as webinars and video clips to improve efficiency and safety in the field, all of which contributes to improved efficiency and reduced costs.

“There are so many ways that technology has helped us to become more productive,” Sam Lamonica, CIO of Rosendin Electric, told EC&M. “We now have tools to help us with everything from estimating to modeling to prefabrication. The benefits are just so wide-ranging.”