HITEC Power Protection has announced the availability of its Power PRO series. The new UPS power solution now becomes the most efficient option available for mission-critical facilities, offering a 20% energy consumption improvement equating to the greatest reliability and uptime available.

“This is a major breakthrough for continuous power solutions and the natural technology choice for critical loads exceeding 1.5 MVA,” said Ranjan Misra, president of HITEC Power Protection, North America. “We have incorporated 60 years of UPS experience into designing the Power PRO series, our best ever continuous power solution.”

The HITEC Power PRO series delivers the lowest possible TCO and ensures the highest quality of uninterruptible continuous power for mission-critical applications; it is the new standard for Continuous Power. Additionally, the new UPS solution offers:

  • A 17% reduction in footprint.
  • The most compact power solution in today’s market.
  • Innovative battery-free design that increases reliability, saves space, and minimizes environmental impact. 
  • Intuitive communication for unrivalled connectivity, system monitoring and reporting to meet the demand for customer support.