CyrusOne has announced the addition of Federal Data Centers: The Build vs. Buy Decision, to its library of executive reports. The report outlines the IT challenges systems integrators face when supporting federal agencies and lays out the key factors impacting the government’s decisions to build, buy or lease data centers.

“The federal data center landscape continues shifting as more companies and institutions are moving their IT operations to third-party colocation providers,” said Fred Holloway, vice president of sales and government programs at CyrusOne. “The systems integrators who support government clients are often challenged to meet the growing set of new and complex requirements, so finding the right federal data center partner is critical.”

The report offers critical factors to consider when determining if building a new data center is the most efficient way forward. Many of the components impacting the current and future costs are associated with site selection, construction, and on-going operation. The report also highlights the efficiencies and benefits to be realized when electing the alternative path —leasing federal data center space from a colocation facility provider.

The explosion of data, along with the increasing need for tighter data security, is shaping next-generation IT infrastructure solutions. Nowhere is this more evident than at federal data centers, which for the past few decades have been managed in house. Many public sector data centers were built to specs that no longer accommodate today’s higher density servers and other hardware.

With constant changes in technology and skills sets continuing to take place at warp speed, more federal agencies are seeking guidance from outside the federal government. They are partnering with advanced systems integrators and federal data center providers to meet their IT requirements.

The CyrusOne online library is a free resource available to all IT professionals. Additional executive reports and articles will be continuously added to the library throughout 2015.