We have a great, jam-packed issue for you this month. First, we have two stories on our cover topic, data center software: Dr. Reza Ghias of Southland Industries writes about using computational fluid dynamics to design data centers and Matt Lane of Geist writes on new ways to use data from data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Andrew Holden of NovaTorque writes about motors for mission critical facilities; Jennifer Cline and Brian Rhoney of Corning Optical Communications weigh in on optical taps; Bhavesh Patel of ASCO Emerson Network Power writes on the Internet of Things and facility management; Mission Critical Unconventional Wisdom columnist Chris Crosby forgoes his column this month to write on the importance of codes and standards; Kyle Tessmer of Mitsubishi Electric Power writes on the power of preventive maintenance; Emilie Stone of Methode pens an article on lithium-ion UPS and disaster recovery; Jeff Klaus of Intel examines how power monitoring data can help streamline your facility; and Forrest Fencl writes about using ultraviolet energy to help cool data centers. In addition we have our regular slate of columnists on hand as well as a new product roundup and the latest on news and events.

As you can see I wasn’t exaggerating. September/October is huge!


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