AMS-IX USA Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), has welcomed wholesale provider of Latin and North America data network services GlobeNet as the first Brazilian company to join the AMS-IX USA Partner Program. The partnership enables GlobeNet to remotely connect North American and LATAM customers to peer with parties on the AMS-IX New York peering platform and enhance their IP service offering.

Following a customer connection to AMS-IX New York in February 2015, GlobeNet's new partnership with AMS-IX USA Inc. allows it to serve as a certified AMS-IX Partner offering customers lower cost access to large Internet players. GlobeNet's network delivers extensive coverage in South America, including Colombia, Venezuela and many Points of Presence (PoPs) in Brazil as well as in the U.S.

"As the first Brazilian AMS-IX USA Partner, GlobeNet champions the efficient delivery of IP transport, AMS-IX peering ports and reliable support to customers in LATAM as well as in the U.S.," says Erick W. Contag, president and chief operating officer of GlobeNet. "Requiring no additional capital investment and enabling lower port capacity on-demand, this partnership allows our customers to cost-effectively expand their network infrastructure and more effectively support their clients' network requirements."

AMS-IX was the first Internet Exchange worldwide to introduce a Partner Program to its customers. The AMS-IX USA Partner Program allows third parties to resell AMS-IX ports anywhere they have infrastructure connected to AMS-IX's U.S. locations in Chicago, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. Under the program, these parties and their services are certified to offer the AMS-IX service remotely. The program is aimed to provide easier access to AMS-IX's U.S. locations for new (remote) customers through AMS-IX USA Inc. partners, thus increasing the value of these exchanges through added peering benefits.

"With its extensive network reach, GlobeNet serves as a gateway to new U.S. cities as well as South America and Brazil, one of the region's largest Internet markets," adds Job Witteman, Chief Executive Officer at AMS-IX. "Providing easier access to a neutral, distributed IX such as AMS-IX New York offers GlobeNet customers high-quality IP peering and interconnectivity services, while further enabling the growth of the Internet."