Eaton has released its latest B-Line™ series TOLCO™ Branch Line Restraint (BLR) system. The system is designed to help prevent the movement and damage of fire sprinkler branch lines during earthquakes that may harm the structure or nearby non-structural systems.

The TOLCO BLR structural and pipe attachments are Underwriters Laboratories (UL®) listed and Factory Mutual (FM) approved for both steel and plastic chlorinated polyvinyl chloride

(CPVC) sprinkler systems. These systems can be used in all commercial applications, including hospitals, government facilities, airports and office complexes.

“Earthquakes occur without warning, and our customers depend on seismic bracing and other preventive systems to help protect lives and help prevent costly damages that can occur,” said Greg Shaughnessy, product line manager, TOLCO™ Seismic Bracing, Eaton’s B-Line Division. “By installing the complete system with branch line restraints per NFPA 13 requirements, the solution is designed to help keep fire sprinkler systems operational after an earthquake.”

The exclusive features of the BLR system offer an easy-to-install, adaptable and dependable bracing solution. The BLR’s unique design allows an installer to completely pre-assemble the system or move a completed assembly from one location to another without tools or disassembly.

The innovative snap-on design allows it to be installed with one hand, yet is sturdy enough to hold the load. Both the structural attachment and pipe attachment accept either 3/8 inch or ½ inch all thread rod as a brace member, which offers flexibility in design and installation as field conditions change. These features drive installation time and cost savings for contractors.

The composition of the devices creates a secure connection between the system pipe and the structure, with visual verification built into both structural and system pipe attachments. Visual thread engagement on the structural attachment and a break-off head set screw on the system attachment provide an easily inspected installation.