Global Capacity has announced the expansion of its One Marketplace™ network in Atlanta, a technology and business hub in the Southeast that holds the fourth-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and is home to 75% of Fortune 1000 companies. The diverse route fiber ring provides local customers with access to Global Capacity’s near-ubiquitous network reach and portfolio of data connectivity solutions to support today's Internet, security, video, voice and cloud applications that demand scalable and secure connectivity.

The 25-mile, diversely routed fiber ring interconnects Global Capacity’s Points of Presence (PoPs) located within Equinix’s data centers at 180 Peachtree St. NW and 56 Marietta St. NW, and Level 3 Communications’ 345 Courtland St., NE data center.

“The expansion of the One Marketplace network in Atlanta will provide greater route diversity and increased capacity across the market,” says Ben Edmond, chief revenue officer of Global Capacity. “Global Capacity is committed to ensuring that Georgia businesses, like Lawrenceville-based customer, NovoLogic, get the right connectivity to meet their growing business needs.”

Global Capacity provides customers with the flexibility, speed and service options to connect business locations across the globe. Its innovative, award-winning, One Marketplace platform combines an interconnected, aggregated data network with cloud-based applications that automate the design, pricing, delivery and maintenance of network connectivity.