New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX) has announced the launch of a U.S.-based, carrier-neutral Meet-Me Room (MMR) inside Tata Communications’ international cable landing station (CLS), located in Wall Township, NJ.

As the exclusive, carrier-neutral MMR operator at the Tata Communications CLS, NJFX is responsible for managing the physical interconnections between customers of the NJFX data center and customers of the Tata Communications CLS, as well as providing MMR customers with reliable, diverse physical points of entry into the CLS via NJFX-assigned manholes, conduits and ducts. All current Tata Communications customers have access the NJFX carrier-neutral MMR at the CLS. Tata Communications will receive its own fiber to the MMR. These interconnection cables were delivered to the Tata Communications customer cabinets and cages for their use.

“The NJFX carrier-neutral MMR offers customers a high level of connectivity to leading service providers that already maintain an established presence within the Tata Communications CLS,” says Gil Santaliz, founder and managing member of NJFX. “Leveraging a Network-to-Network Interconnection (NNI), NJFX data center customers also gain direct access to Tata Communications’ industry-leading Wavelength, Ethernet, MPLS, DIA and Cloud Services.”

“NJFX is supporting diverse dark fiber deployments to the Tata Communications Wall Township, New Jersey landing station under the NJFX carrier-neutral model, allowing for free market interconnections,” states Hunter Newby, a member of the executive and ownership team at NJFX. “These interconnections will propagate to thousands of new connections throughout the world to support the growing needs of carrier-neutral operators, service providers, enterprises, and federal and state government entities.”

NJFX is building the first Tier III carrier-neutral colocation facility that intersects where subsea cables from the U.S. and Europe meet at the eastern most edge of the United States. The first express submarine cable between the U.S. and Sao Paulo is expected be ready in 2016 and land at this facility. Anticipated to go live in 2016, the network interconnection point provides service providers, enterprises, carrier-neutral operators and cable companies with direct interconnection options at the cable-head without recurring costs on cross-connects. The new edge allows service providers and enterprise companies to have more control of their networks rather than rely on traditional backhaul solutions. Service providers and enterprises using the NJFX location will also have access to Tata Communications’ global connectivity, built on one of the world’s largest and most advanced global subsea fiber networks. Over 24% of the world’s Internet traffic uses Tata Communications’ network.

“This new offering by NJFX will provide financial market data and trading platform customers with direct access to Tata Communications’ subsea cable network enabling them to reach 99.7% of the world’s GDP, with connectivity to more than 240 countries and territories in a secure Tier III colocation facility,” said Dave Ryan, executive vice president and Americas regional head, Tata Communications.