Upsite Technologies, Inc., has released a wired monitoring product for facilities, the Environmental Monitoring System 200TM (EMS 200TM).

The Environmental Monitoring System 200TM is a wired sensor network manager designed to track a variety of threats. A cost-effective solution, the EMS 200TM offers four sensor inputs, allowing for the deployment of multiple temperature and humidity sensor configurations along with eight digital inputs, which can be used to track: open/closed doors, motion and airflow sensors, fire alarms, gas and leak detectors, and summary alarms from critical equipment including Uninterruptable Power Supplies and generators. Additionally, the EMS 200TM includes one relay output and one zone leak detection input which accommodates up to 200’ of leak detection sensing cable.

The Environmental Monitoring System 200TM is a standalone with the capability of easily integrating to a Building Management System (BMS), Network Management System (NMS) and/or a Data Center Infrastructure Management System (DCIM) of both new and legacy facilities. Utilizing Plug-and-Play technology, the EMS 200TM offers fast and accurate monitoring of local and remote sites. Once configured, facility data is available through a mobile-friendly web interface and provides real-time monitoring, advanced alarm notifications, and customizable thresholds along with downloadable trending data.