vXchnge® has announced the grand opening of its new flagship data center at 1500 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. The opening marks vXchnge's fifteenth data center in the U.S. The new site is fault tolerant and ensures the highest standards for concurrent maintainability, backed by a 100% SLA. Customers can focus their efforts in scaling their businesses, while protecting their brand with the latest in data center design and technology.

"Our 150 plus years of leadership experience in designing, constructing and operating mission critical data centers as a service, has afforded us the insights and experiences to build and operate a next-generation data center service. The infrastructure design sets a standard for the Philadelphia marketplace," said Keith Olsen, chief executive officer at vXchnge. "Our footprint across the United States serves markets that reach over 80 million eyeballs and close to 500 million network enabled devices. These 15 data centers are robust marketplaces for cloud services, e-commerce and enterprises that require co-location at the Edge, in locations where they can serve customers locally, and reach more businesses and more consumers in more markets," added Olsen.

vXchnge rethinks colocation by offering a software-defined infrastructure that eliminates risks through transparency, and provides customers with their own Micro-Data Center, a flexible, reliable and scalable data center within vXchnge's state-of-the-art infrastructure. Adhering to the most stringent levels of security protocols to safeguard customer data, vXchnge Philadelphia provides next-generation security features with iris scanners, two-factor authentication and cylindrical portals.