Cologix has announced that Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT), a leader in the fields of assurance, taxation, consulting, and recovery and reorganization services, has selected Cologix’s Montreal data centre at 7171 Jean-Talon East (MTL4) for its core IT deployment.

“Looking forward, our ideal IT environment enables RCGT to adapt to and prepare for the changing technology market,” said RCGT director of IT Operations Philippe Rivest. “We selected Cologix for its long-standing reputation for reliability, but also to ensure we’re prepared for future IT needs with additional space, power and access to a wide range of service providers. Cologix’s network neutrality enables a robust ecosystem of network carriers and cloud service providers. As the enterprise IT landscape changes, we are confident we will adapt based on the abundance of service provider options Cologix offers in Montreal.”

Cologix’s MTL 4 enterprise-grade data centre offers geographic redundancy to downtown, higher power densities, security, upgraded infrastructure, and enhanced redundancy to support more than 2,400 RCGT employees and the company’s 100 offices throughout the province of Québec.  This resiliency is important, because with more than 60 years of business in the Québec area, RCGT is number one among the top 25 accounting firms in Québec for the second year in a row, as ranked by the Les Affaires newspaper.    

“A heavy concentration of our enterprise client base provides professional services themselves and they tend to utilize colocation to support reliability, cost reduction, and future-proofing,” noted Cologix Canada General Manager Scott Adams. “RCGT’s mantra, to help vibrant organizations unlock their full growth potential, is similar to Cologix’s goal of enabling organizations to shed costs and reallocate resources to growth- and revenue-generating activities. The telecom and cloud landscapes are dynamic and ever-changing, with top providers changing market leadership positions every few years. RCGT is in a place to outlast these technology and vendor shifts with choice and low switching costs.”