Mitsubishi Electric has announced its latest three-phase UPS, known as the SUMMIT Series. This new UPS incorporates SiC (silicon carbide) semiconductors, the next generation of power modules, replacing the traditional Insulated Gate Bi Polar Transistors (IGBT).

Silicon carbide possesses many attractive traits as a power device, including higher switching frequencies and lower switching losses. In addition, silicon carbide inherently offers higher thermal conductivity, thereby promoting heat dissipation. These characteristics make silicon carbide the material of choice for semiconductors within the power industry.

Designed for data centers and other demanding mission-critical applications, the SUMMIT Series UPS is currently offered in 500 kVA with plans to introduce a 750 kVA model in the near future. Offering efficiencies greater than 98% at 50% load with a maximum efficiency 98.2%, the 500kVA UPS is a three-phase, on-line double-conversion system that supplies clean, continuous power to systems sensitive to fluctuations common in utility power. Higher efficiencies translate to lower energy usage and cooling costs, and also contribute to a lower total cost of ownership. Like other Mitsubishi Electric UPS products, the SUMMIT Series is lighter in weight than competitors’ products and has a minimal footprint, which allows data center owners to maximize floor space.

“The new SUMMIT Series truly is a game changer in our industry,” said Dean Datre, general manager, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products’ UPS Division. “The robust SiC semiconductor used to power the UPS modules takes performance and reliability to a previously unattainable level.