Dedicated Fiber Systems, Inc. (DFS) has announced that it has changed its name to Dark Fiber Systems, Inc. In a statement from owner and CEO Charles Nichols, “Dark Fiber Systems best describes our flagship customer solution. DFS provides Dark Fiber, or private fiber optic strands for Customer Network use. This service provides virtually unlimited capacity in the customer network while insuring the most secure transmission facility in the industry. As the first provider of Dark Fiber service in Northeast Florida, starting in 1997, DFS has remained “Carrier Neutral” and will lease fiber strands to any carrier, enterprise, or datacenter.” 

Dark Fiber Systems, Inc. currently provides dark fiber network services to many of the tier 1 and tier 2 carriers, enterprises, and data centers in Northeast Florida. Jered Bearden, Director at DFS stated, “Dark Fiber allows companies to control their own private networks between key locations, and eliminates all carrier network transport equipment and points of failure found in other “Fiber” offerings. Dark fiber is the only service available that gives the customer complete control of their backbone transport speeds.”