The customer, a leading provider of interconnection and data center services, has facilities in several major metropolitan areas in the Northeast and Midwest. Hundreds of telecom, ISP, and cloud services clients depend on them every day, 24 hours a day. Errors and failures are not options. There are sometimes conflicting demands to provide reliable, always-on service and plan for easier future expansions, while saving money on energy bills. This is while demand for space just keeps growing and energy costs continue to rise. The company needed a monitoring system that helped reduce energy consumption, allowing it to sell more space and plan for expansions.

After careful review of many options, the customer selected FieldView, which is a software solution that helps data centers of all kinds run at peak efficiency, to monitor its systems. Installation and implementation proceeded with zero downtime and no loss of data. The customer’s personnel were trained quickly and were independently able to access the data they were looking for right away. Adds, moves, and changes that used to take days and weeks, now take literally minutes.

The customer immediately realized other significant time and cost savings as well, while increasing revenue. Since it was no longer necessary for engineers to perform manual polling, these employees were quickly reassigned to more important, billable tasks. The customer said, “With FieldView’s help, my operations team can now handle — with a few clicks of a mouse — what used to require hours of resources.”

The results

As the customer gained real-time data on their facilities, stranded power, and stranded physical capacity were revealed. More sellable space was discovered, allowing for an increase in revenue and allowing the customer to postpone a planned expansion. Evidence suggests the uncovering of 25% more usable, billable capacity after the implementation of FieldView, across multiple co-location facilities (co-lo).

During an analysis of user experiences, an independent consultant said, “These organizations, as a result of their implementation of FieldView, can support more customers with the same fixed data center infrastructure and as a result generate more revenues with the same fixed investment.”

FieldView customers report power savings of 10% to 25% because the solution helps them identify opportunities for greater efficiency. For example, the FieldView Dynamic Heat Map gives the user a real-time view of temperature throughout the facility, making overcooling a thing of the past, saving energy expenses right away. FieldView also makes load balancing for power efficiency quick and easy.

FieldView’s Suite of features for co-los includes the ability to reserve space, which empowered the customer’s sales force to see the capacity available at any time, therefore facilitating the execution of sales. The system also alerts the user when a tenant is nearing a power consumption/space limit, so upgrades to the tenant’s contract can be considered.

Proof of SLA compliance is now as easy as pulling a report. Each co-lo tenant has individual access to information they need and demand regarding their space and energy usage, via a separate FieldView secure portal, without compromising the security of other tenants.

FieldView also gives the provider the ability to separate zones, cages and suites by tenant, aiding in accurate billing.

Because the customer’s tenants constantly demand more capacity, FieldView helped them through several expansions when the time came, while monitoring and managing power load, energy consumption and cooling requirements, with no down-time. And, with every expansion, FieldView scaled seamlessly into the customer’s new space.

FieldView’s reports on power consumption and trending help in budget allocation and forecasting growth and expansion needs. “My team relies on FieldView as part of our operations budget planning due to its detailed reports on long-term power consumption,” said the customer.