Aligned Data Centers has announced that it will offer consumption-based pricing to enterprises, service providers, and governments who require greater control of data center cost and faster time-to-market.

Most data centers are built to support static power requirements and fixed densities. Forecasting future IT demand is difficult and results in stranded power and space. Data center customers are forced to commit to long-term contracts for power they may never use, which limits their ability to control the capacity they need to meet the needs of their business. Companies are demanding more flexibility and speed in how they deploy and scale their data centers.

“The current approach to the data center needs to evolve to keep pace with changing IT needs”, said Jakob Carnemark, CEO for Aligned Data Centers. “Today, the cloud makes it possible to access compute and storage on-demand, scale quickly, and only pay for what you use. We are delivering the same approach to the data center and are able to help our clients cut their colocation contract commitments by up to 75%.”

Aligned Data Centers’ consumption-based pricing eliminates the risk in forecasting future IT demand and provides the flexibility and speed companies require to adjust data center capacity as their business needs change.

According to Gartner analyst Bob Gill, “a more transparent and usage-based model is sorely needed.”

Aligned Data Centers was formed by a group of industry veterans with more than 25 years of experience designing, engineering, building, and operating production data centers for some of the largest and most innovative Internet, telecommunications, and financial services organizations.

“We don’t believe in a tradeoff between reliability and cost,” said Paul Fox, former executive director, IT Infrastructure at Morgan Stanley and current Director of Operations for Aligned Data Centers. “We are delivering enterprise grade data centers in a cost model that customers have been demanding for years.”

Construction is nearing completion on the company’s Plano, Texas data center. When finished, the 30 megawatt (MW) data center will enable Aligned Data Centers’ clients to deploy multiple power densities within the same row and scale from 1 to 25 kW per rack. In addition, this multi-tenant data center will feature the latest in energy efficient infrastructure, which uses 85% less water than traditional air-cooled systems and allows Aligned Data Centers to guarantee its clients an industry leading power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15. “We are excited to offer our clients the flexibility and efficiency they need to run the next-generation of IT,” said Fox.

In addition to the Plano data center, the company has also started construction of a massive 550,000 sq ft, 65 MW data center in Phoenix.

“We have seen a tremendous amount of interest in our pay-for-use approach and are in advanced discussions with a number of large clients at both locations,” said Ron Kolber, executive vice president of sales for Aligned Data Centers.

Aligned Data Centers is backed by New York based BlueMountain Capital Management. The company will be expanding its North American footprint to four other markets including California, Illinois, Virginia, and New Jersey.