Motivair Corporation was selected by Indiana Universities Research Technologies Division to cool their next generation supercomputer. These world-class research computing systems, and the proven professional training, consultation, and support services Research Technologies provides, enable computing research experimentation and implementation, and amplify the talents of local and national researchers.

Motivair is proud to be part of the University’s advancement of their already world class research computing systems. The ChilledDoor® system was designed to remove 100% of the heat at its source. By completely neutralizing the new cluster the existing HPC systems were not affected. The ChilledDoor® allowed for flexibility in designing and deploying the new HPC system. The new system is expected to be commissioned by the end of the year, at which time a study on the doors’ performance and the impact of the project to IU and the national community will be completed. 

The ChilledDoor’s adoption within HPC centers throughout the US, and its continued global demand, demonstrates the fundamental need for better ways to cool supercomputers as HPC systems mature.