Datum Datacentres has announced that it has been approved for the EU Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres.

The EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres was created in response to increasing energy consumption in data centres and the need to reduce the related environmental, economic and energy supply security impacts. The aim of the Code is to inform and stimulate the reduction of energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the mission critical function of data centres. The Code provides a clear practical framework of best practices to review data centre resource usage and to implement changes that improve the effective use of resources, particularly energy efficiency.

Commenting on signing up to the EU initiative, Dominic Phillips, managing director, Datum, said, “In designing our business critical data centre co-location service, we were aware of the need to reduce the environmental impact of data centres. From the outset we were determined to offer our clients a facility that was not just highly secure and resilient but was also energy efficient. Selecting the advanced and environmentally intelligent adiabatic free cooling design was just the start. We went on to achieve ISO50001 certification for energy management and our recent signing to the EU Code of Conduct shows our ongoing commitment to energy efficiency.”